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Not only is Mr. Zee is a very professional and knowledgeable instructor, but his heart in his profession. He deeply invests in his students and wishes for their success as much as they do. He is a good listener and is able to tailor his lessons to the unique needs of each student... in my case, he was sensitive to my phobia of driving but knew that the only way to help me overcome it was to be strict and force me to face my fears. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Zee and Radiant Driving School!

Courtney Archer

I have been driving cars for over 20 years and some habits are hard to break. Although I have a perfect record (no tickets no accidents), I was evidently not doing the expected motions during the test and hence failed twice! The instructor Mr Nasir broke down the scoring points of the driving test into the manoeuvres that is expected of the aspirant. He gave tips that made parallel parking and reverse parking a cakewalk and accurate each and every time. He emphasized the importance of looking over the shoulders and quietly saying “safe” or “clear” which immediately puts the examiner at ease. I was lucky to have been introduced to Radiant driving school and after just a couple of lessons I went and gave my road test and passed! Thanks a lot to Mr Nasir from Radiant driving school. I’m definitely sending my two sons to them when the time comes. I is hung them all the very best!

Krish Balagopal

Mr. Zee is my driving instructor and he taught me a lot of techniques that have helped me to pass my G2. I have no driving experience and after a few lessons with him, he made it easy for me to understand and perform driving maneuvers. I highly recommend Mr. Zee and the Radiant Driving School.

Pie Tutor

I did a handful of driving lessons with Zee, he was an incredibly patient and knowledgeable driving instructor! Highly recommend this driving school, their prices are also great for the service they provide!


I got the G license after just 4 lessons. Thanks to Mr. Zee, a professional instructor with great knowledge. At first, I was able to book the test only in North Bay, 3 hours drive north from GTA. Zee was able to find a free spot, in Brampton, in no time. Now I can finally drive my car and get better insurance! Thanks Zee!

Stefano Polga

Brother Zeeshan was very strict yet very patient. I passed my G2 on the first attempt. Definitely recommend if you are looking to pass your road test

Mohamed El-Gazzar

If you want to pass your test on the first attempt and lessons full of knowledge then Mr. Zeeshan is the instructor you are looking for in town. Highly recommended.

Nadeem Ahmed

The driving instructors, particularly Mr. Zee, here are the best! They take the time to teach you everything you need to know, and I felt very safe and comfortable learning how to drive with them. All the instructors here are professionals; they are kind, caring, and explain everything with precision and tremendous detail. I highly recommend anyone to come here if they wish to take a road test in the future.

PvPWrecker LoL Montager

Mr. Zee is a professional and approachable instructor. He deeply cares for his student and knows how to encourage them. I had no prior driving experience and was too nervous to start learning. He has helped me gain confidence and allowed me to learn at my own pace until he deemed I was ready. Thank you for your patience, Mr. Zee.

Phoebe Tan

I had the pleasure of having Mr. Zee as my instructor. He is really patient and an amazing communicator who gives great advice and instructions. He wants you to succeed and pass as much you. I really enjoyed my in-car lessons with him and I would recommend him and Radiant Driving School to anyone who has recently started to drive.

Amir Nasr

Got G2 on my first attempt, Mr. Zeeshan is a wonderful and blessed man he understands his students and knows how to have patience with them. He takes time to teach you and to make sure you're understanding what he's saying to you. He has taught some good and safe techniques for driving. I would recommend him to anyone who needs his service.

Syed Naqvi

I don't own a car as yet and I don't have access to a car to practice in, apart from Mr. Zeeshan's lessons. I started road practice with Mr. Zeeshan just a month before my G road test. I was a nervous wreck on the road when I first started. Fear used to grip while driving. He was so very patient and calm with me. He to me from the ashes of extreme nervousness to a very bold and confident driver. I followed his instructions to the letter and I passed my class G road test with flying colors, FIRST ATTEMPT!

Georgette Simone

Mr. Zee is very knowledgeable and helpful. He knows his job very well. He is an expert in his profession and is very kind.

Alif Dinani

I got my full G driving license yesterday and it was all thanks to Zeeshan's superb in-car driving training. Zee is an excellent driving instructor at the Radiant Driving School and his simple and clear style of instruction allowed me to pass the test with absolutely no hiccups. Although I have prior driving experience, it is vital to understand the Canadian road driving test in-depth, and one simply cannot wing it. More importantly, Zee provided numerous practical tips and advice which were of immense value in improving one's standard of driving, even for an experienced driver like me. Thank you, Zee and Radiant Driving School. You are amazing!

Karthikeyan V

Mr. Zeeshan is a very knowledgeable instructor and taught me all I needed to know very effectively. I passed my G2 test on my first attempt and I owe it all to him. Best of luck in the future.

Aaron Schu

Mr. Zeeshan is a very knowledgeable and professional instructor. He is very friendly and a good listener. He will not only teach you to pass your driving test but to be a good driver. Wish him good luck...

Umar Farooq

Mr. Zeeshan is a very professional driving instructor. With his guidance and patience, he taught me the skills to become a safe driver!!

Fozia Zeshan

Zee is a professional not only when it comes to driving & instructing but also a genuinely good person and does not waste your money or time. He is truthful in the things that you are bad at and will keep working with you to prepare you all the way from G1 to G. He is an incredible driver and I would give him my business anytime. He is super thorough in his instruction and has a great ability to easily guide you through complicated driving maneuvers. He makes sure that you feel comfortable in the car and will sometimes take you out of the highway to prepare you for the real-world experience even though highway driving is not on the G1 exit test. He even kept me updated on new traffic light changes & speed cameras around my area AFTER I already got my G2 with him. I'd recommended my friends & anyone else that is working towards getting their G go to Zee.

Michael Brackett

My driving instructor Zee was phenomenal at his job. Very patient and professional. Passed my G2 thanks to him. Would recommend it to anyone!

Brandon Kim

Thank you Mr.Zee for being the best instructor ever. He is very professional, friendly, and patient, he knows how to make the driving experience stress down. Not only does he teach how to drive safely,he’ll also give you tips on good driving techniques. Taking lessons with Zee is worth it. I will highly recommend this driving school to every person who is willing to obtain their license. Bless you and thanks again.

Neerja Sharma

I highly recommend Radiant Driving School. Mr. Zee is a great instructor. He went the extra mile to encourage and support me. The training I received from Zee gave me the ability to successfully pass my road test. God bless him.

Sushil Sharma

Incredible job instructor Zeeshan! We had very informative and professional lessons, before taking the test. Thank you for the dedication and excellence. We drive all the possible roads, great explanations and teaching style. I passed the test today.

Sally & Go

Recommend to everyone that are looking to learn and experience safe driving before get license. So helpful and effective; no need to re-attend the exam.

Sahar Taheri

I'm very happy I chose this driving school to help me with my driving and to get my license. Mr Zee is very professional, kind and patient. I would definitely recommend Radiant Driving School to others. Thank you Mr Zee.

Patience Tendai

Mr. Zee was very good and very patient. I passed my G2 on the first attempt.

James Battad

Recently got my G2. Mr Zee is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Highly recommended!

Qaiz Babwani

Great school, patient teachers, and valuable driving lessons. Thank you so much for everything! I wouldn't of got my g2 without yall!


Zeeshan is a very well trained driving instructor. I only needed a few lessons with him and successfully passed my G2 driving test on the first try. He’s a very calm and relaxed instructor. He gives you the confidence and make sure you are comfortable when driving. He explained driving techniques very well. I HIGHLY recommend learning driving from him. Overall I’m very satisfied with my experience.

Eman Amer

My driving instructor was Zee, he was very nice, polite and had a very positive attitude . He gave me very constructive feedback especially when I had not done something correctly. All the material was made simple and easy to understand. Very glad i got my License in First Attempt.

Rehan Landstar

Exceptional and professional driving lessons ever experienced. Passed within first attempt! Thank you for all that you do for creating the best learning experience for all ages.

Shideh Mirian

Zee was my instructor and he has been friendly and professional teaching me how to drive. Passed my G2 on my first attempt! Recommended!!

Jimmy Chiu

Mr. Zee taught me a lot of techniques on how to be a proper and safe driver. He was very nice and polite instructor that gave me confidence on driving. I want to say thank you for helping me pass this G2 Road Test. I for sure going to recommend this driving school to anyone who wants to learn how to drive safely.

Brandon Ho

Very nice and polite instructor. Will teach you all the skills that you need to know on the road and give you the confidence that you need to pass your driving tests.

Andrew Chun

Mr. Zee taught me a lot of efficient techniques to make parking easier(especially parallel parking and reverse parking). He also taught me important habits like not rushing while steering the wheel or always keeping in mind the speed limit. I passed my G2 first shot because of him!

Sammie La

Mr. Zee is a phenomenal and professional driving instructor that has taught me many techniques of safe driving which helped me gain confidence behind the wheel, he has a very professional attitude and I am glad that I was able to pass my g2 in the first attempt. I highly recommend learning with this institute if you want a professional and confident driving skills.

Nicholas Calabria

Mr. Zeeshan, is a great instructor and really helped me learn all the driving techniques. I passed my G on the first try and I would like to thank Radiant Driving School for all its hard work and dedication. Thank you!!!

Laeticia Fosso

I’d like to say radiant driving school is a very good school. I’m happy to say I had a really good instructor Zeeshawn who has taught me many techniques to keep me safe on the road. Definitely recommend

Shayan Ramezankhan

Mr. Zee was great. He taught me many techniques and tips that helped me pass my G2 driving test on the first try.

Rafael Tuason

Zeeshan is an amazing instructor. He provides excellent tips on how to properly parallel park, reverse park, and front park. He can also share with you the different routes that each test center may use for a road test.

Brendan Ling

Zee was very helpful and definitely instrumental to my success (passing my G2 first try). He definitely knows what he is doing and is also a kind and understanding person. I would definitely recommend Radiant driving school to those who are looking to start their driving journey.

David Perez

Amazing Instructor .. managed to pass my G test with just a few hours of driving 🙌 Thanks so much .. i highly recommend this driving school

Melissa Borg Sperandeo

I took driving lessons with Zeeshan and he taught me many techniques and skills that have helped me become a confident driver. I’m happy that I passed my G test today and recommend him as an instructor!

Aliya K

I passed my G road test today! Thank to my instructor, i succed! I recommend this driving school to all beginners!

Evaggelia Liatsou

Zee was my instructor and he helped my get my G on 1 day notice, the techniques and lessons he gave me in the 2 sessions before my G license exam helped me get my G. I would highly recommend him to anybody who’s going for their G or G2

Ryan Li

I learned a lot of driving techniques from Mr. Zee. I am now very comfortable in driving. Before I was very scared. Within a few lessons I have perfected my driving. I am thankful to Mr.Zee and Radiant Driving and I highly recommend to all who want to drive and learn excellent driving skills. 😊

Skye He

Mr. Zeeshan is a very good instructor. I was able to learn how to drive perfectly with just a few lessons.

Nil Ekiz

I learned a lot of driving techniques from Mr.Zee! He’s also very nice instructor in general and made me feel comfortable driving. Thanks to Mr. Zee and Radiant Driving School, I would recommend this place for any new drivers.

Sophia Lee

Mr.Zee is very friendly, he taught me a lot of techniques and was very helpful , I am now comfortable with driving now and learned a lot with Mr.Zee.

Txnos 19

I learned a lot of driving techniques from mr zee. I was very afraid before driving now i am comfortable. He is very polite. Thanks to Radiant driving school. I highly recommend for all new drivers.

Jocel Balbuena

I am very happy to learn the driving skills from Mr Zee. When I started driving I was vey much confused . Now I can drive with full confidence . Mr zee taught me all driving techniques and skills with easy and soft manners , he is very kind and professional instructor . I always recommend this school to my friends. Thanks to Mr. Zee and Radiant Driving School.

Neha Mis

Best driving lessons by Mr zeeshan . In few lessons i am 100% confident in my highway driving. I got my G in first attempt. He is very polite and professional instructor. Highly recommended for new learners. Thanks to Mr.Zeeshan and Radiant Driving School.

Batul Lokhandwala

Great teacher


Mr. Zee is a fantastic driving instructor!! He taught me vital and important techniques for driving on the highway. He was very helpful, calm and patient. I only had a couple of lessons with him and I have passed my G license with flying colours!!! I highly recommend Zeeshan. Thank you Mr. Zee!

Saahil Nana

Hey 👋. Amazing experience I recently just went for my G test I had a lesson prior it was all that I needed to succeed and pass my G thanks to well respected professional very detailed amazing all-around good person thanks for the experience.

Michelle Briand

Really great teacher! He helped me a lot with parking techniques. Also, he helped me improve my decision-making skills when driving. If you’re looking for great teaching, as well as affordable prices, I really recommend Zeeshan!

Anita Navid

I recently completed my driving lessons with Zeeshan and I couldn't be happier with the experience. From the very first lesson, he was patient, knowledgeable, and made me feel confident behind the wheel. He tailored each lesson to my specific needs and learning style, which was greatly appreciated. Zeeshan was also a great communicator and provided constructive feedback after each lesson, which helped me to quickly improve my driving skills. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn how to drive. He is truly a 5 star instructor and I am grateful for the time and effort he put into helping me pass my driving test.

Alim Potheri

Great driving instructor! Very professional and is always real with you. Honest person that will correct you and makes sure you are ready for the test when the time comes!


I was very cautions during my driving, but I some lessons from Mr.Zee now I am much more confident and comfortable in my driving. Mr. Zee is an excellent driving instructor. I highly recommend him to everyone.

Branden Yoo

Mr Zee from Radiant Driving School is my driving instructor. I learned a lot of techniques from him. I was very nervous at first but I passed on first try. Thanks to Mr Zee and Radiant Driving School, he was very calm with me. I recommend anyone going for their Road test to Radiant Driving School.

Tom Shittu-Adebayo

Zeeshanp is the best instructor ever, he helped me to feel confident when I am driving, gave me good tips, he is very honest and nice. He does not take advantage by asking you for more hours if you do not need it , he wants that you learn good. Thanks to him I passed my G2

Laura Herrera

Mr. Zee is a great instructor, I learned a lot of techniques in a short time and I am very happy in my driving. I highly recommend to all students who want to drive in a short time!! He’s very polite and friendly, he genuinely cares about the well-being of his students!


I am highly appreciate and thanks to Mr Zee , I just took 2 lessons , he give an excellent training for driving and now I passed my exam G2 with the help of this driving school 👍 I highly recommend to all new comer who want to pass in first attempt. Thanks to Mr zee and Radiant Driving School.


Great teacher made G2 test easy

Tony Zhu

Gave me great tips and really helped for my G2 road test, very happy to pass on my first attempt!

Nimish Patri

Mr Zee is the most amazing driving instructor. He is knowledgeable regarding road safety and driving regulations. It was a pleasure to learn from him and made passing my G2 stress free!

William Jiang

Recently did my G2 test and passed with, all due to Radiant Driving School, and Mr. Z. Mr Z is a professional instructor knowing all the tips and tricks to help complete my g2 test. Within one day notice he booked a road test for me, and guided me through the exact route of the road test centre. A huge thank you to him!

Sameer Piracha

Today I got my G license. I gained my confidence after taking training from Zeeshan Sir, and cracked the exam in the first attempt. He is very sincere, honest and best for the New Comers. He is absolute a professional and knowledgeable, I highly recommend for all who want to get their licence in first attempt.

Gunit Singh

Nice and helpful teacher! He helped me improve my driving and become much more confident in my abilities, thank you to radiant driving!

Sophie Kong

Amazing driving teacher and service by Zee. Booked my test extremely soon and very helpful in passing my G2. I passed in first attempt. Very comfortable and friendly. Provided many tips. Highly recommend for anyone who wants help with driving and passing their tests.

Zarrar Jahangir

Amazing experience, the best instruction I ever had. Passed my g2 and g with no issues!


Mr. Zee is very kind and helpful teacher! He taught me so much and is always willing to accommodate you! I can drive very comfortably and feel that I've improved so much. Thank you to Mr. Zee and Radiant Driving school!

Sierra Yoo

Thanks to Radiant driving school, I can drive safely now.


I took a few lesson from Mr zee . I am now comfortable in driving . I learned all driving techniques in a short time .Mr zee is very professional and friendly . I highly recommend to all new learners. Thanks to Mr Zee and Radiant Driving school.


Mr Zee gave me one lesson 1 hour before my G test and in that hour he corrected all of my mistakes and was very helpful in guiding me to fix them. I was extremely nervous before the g test started but mr Zee’s pointers kept me from making any big mistakes. I highly recommend him as your driving instructor for any road tests. 10/10 service and very professional. Thank you for everything Mr Zee

Nizzy 416

Zee is an amazing instructor who teaches well and with a sense of humour - I started as a nervous driver and I am now confident and comfortable in driving on any road. Highly recommended!

Jacqueline Law

Very easy method of learning for new drivers and very easy lessons. In few lessons I am very confident in driving on all driving techniques. I'm highly satisfied and would recommend for new learners. Thanks to radiant driving school:)

Jet Meteor

Really easy driving instructor and a very informative one. Radiant driving school teaches new learners how to drive in a easy and professional manner where the new learners can understand and learn.

Hassan El-Gazzar

Definitely worth taking driving classes from here. I took driving lessons from Mr. Zee. I was new driver in Canada and he taught me very good. He is completely aware and knowledgeable about the driving rules and road sense in Canada. Now I am very confident in driving and got my complete G license. Thank you, Sir for the lessons.

V Surya

Zee has helped me pass my G2 and G exams. He is experienced and patient. He cares for his students and goes above and beyond to ensure we pass the exams. I recommend him. Now I am confidently able to drive around, including highways.

Aditi K

I took lessons from Mr. Zee at Radiant Driving School and he was very informative with all the aspects of driving. We practices three point turns, parallel parking and many more skills all of which I feel comfortable doing now. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.

William Shao

I took the lessons from Mr. Zee and he explained me many techniques for driving like parallel parking, reverse parking, and other general rules needed for the test. I was satisfied with his lessons and I learned a lot. I am thankful for Mr. Zee and Radiant Driving School.

Inaz Mokhtassi

So far I had a few lessons and the amount of knowledge I’ve learned was crazy. The first day I was already learning how to drive on the main roads! After the second lesson I learned how to reserve park, do a 3 point turn and how to parallel park. I feel much better in my ability to drive and I look forward to more lessons and passing my test on the first take!

Jessica Rakhamilova

Zee was a very good instructor. He taught me how to parallel park, reverse park, and taught me how to drive confidently and was very supportive all the way up until my G2 test.

Serrafina Burbano

Mr. Zee is polite, calm, and goes over details on all the techniques in a clear step-by-step fashion. I feel confident being on the road.

Avesta Nakhaei

Informative classes that give you an insight into driving for the test and in real life. The instructors are knowledgeable

Shiv Singh

Radiant driving school is an amazing school. It helped me feel confident going into the exam. The instructor helped me pass my G2 and G test with ease. He is so kind and makes me feel comfortable. I would 100% recommend Radiant driving school to anyone learning to drive and going for G2 and G test.

Ashley Alshubil

Passed my G test today with the help and advice I received. He was very professional, dedicated, and friendly instructor that provided an effective education.


Zee was super helpful! I felt nervous going into my lessons but he made me feel super confident with making safe turns, parallel parking, and reverse parking. Would highly recommend!

Tristan Moore

Zee helped me greatly and built my confidence to do a perfect by-the-books G road test.

Brandon (Xi Jinping Jr.)

I am beyond grateful for using radiant driving school to get my g2!!! A few words to sum up my instructor, (Zeeshan); professional, calm, super friendly and knowledgeable. The guy KNOWS the roads and rules to the T ! I was really stressed for my g2 and he made me feel so comfortable and confident. Literally felt like my g2 flew by because he prepared me so well!! He took out time to make sure I was good and was with me throughout my g2 journey. Really difficult to find instructors who care more about you than just getting your money. Will be doing my G with Zee for sure! Definitely recommend radiant driving school, (Zeeshan) !! Thank you Zee!

Kumud Bhardwaj

I practiced with Mr Zee and I was satisfied with him. He is a good teacher. He explained me all driving techniques.

Maryam Tavakol

Zee is the best instructor ever! Helped with both G2 and G test. If you want to pass, get lessons from Zee.

Alex Konchikov

amazing experience!!! lessons were so helpful and got my g2 on my first attempt. super comfortable and easy to learn instructor :)

Maryam Khan

Had an amazing experience with Zee who is a highly professional and patient instructor who make sure you succeed and stands by you till the end guiding you at every step.

Altaf Ali Shahzaman

So far I had a few lessons and the amount of knowledge I’ve learned was crazy. The first day I was already learning how to drive on the main roads! After the second lesson I learned how to reserve park, do a 3 point turn and how to parallel park. I feel much better in my ability to drive and I look forward to more lessons and passing my test on the first take!

Jessica Rakhamilova

I took lessons with Mr. Zee. He taught me all the different techniques of driving and parking. I feel much more confident on the road, highly recommend!

Michelle Quan

I was very nervous about the exam, but thanks to zeeshan, I passed the exam easily. because it is very practical and also teaches detailed information. teaches parallel parking, pull over parking and reverse parking in the most accurate way

Elina Emami

I had a really good experience. My instructor, Zeeshan, was really helpful and very informative. He thought me different driving techniques with a lot of ease, which helped me pass my G2. Would definitely recommend Radiant Driving for your G2 and G Thanks Zee! 😄

Andrea Pereira

This was such a wonderful driving school! The instructor was very patient with me and no wonder all his students pass their tests!! I would highly recommend checking them out!! Teaches you tricks that were super super helpful during the test! 10/10

Azra Sljivar

Took lessons with Zee for my G road test and the techniques I learned really helped with my confidence in driving. I passed first try!

Natasha N

I took a few lessons from Mr. Zee and I was able to accomplish my G2 in the first attempt. He has a friendly nature and good teaching skills which helped me to achieve my dream. He taught all manuvres with easy technique like Pull-over or roadside stop, 3-point turn, parallel parking, forward and reverse parking. He also emphasized on regular road screening to be a successful driver. I would definitely recommend to get the lessons from him to achieve the successful results in the first attempt. Once again Thank you Mr. Zee and Radiant Driving School.

Viral Vora

Zee is a very pleasant and experienced teacher. He taught me multiple techniques for various skills within the one session we had. His instructions are very clear and thorough. Thanks to his lesson, I feel more prepared for my G2 test. I will definitely book more sessions with him again! Thank you Zee


I'm very happy that I passed by G test in the first attempt. All thanks to Mr.Z. He taught all the rules and techniques that is required to successfully pass their G test in first attempt. I would recommend anyone looking to get their G or G2 license in the first attempt to get trained by him.

Sushil N

Mr. Zee, is a great instructor helped me learn all the driving techniques. I passed my G on the first try!!! Thank you Radiant Driving School for all dedication.😄

Marcia Da Silva

I took my course with Mr.Z great teacher, I was taught basic driving, reverse and parallel parking, pulling over etc, Also had lessons on highway driving and such and basically went from no experience to passing my driving G2 test first try.

Harel Aliev

Wasn't sure in the beginning because my reflex is so slow, but after lessons with Zeeshan I think I can drive safely now. Good driving school. Thank you.

Ariel Won

Mr.Zee is a good driving teacher and I passed my G2 test first try, he taught me all the skills I needed to pass and I can drive safely and confidently now!

Eve L

Learned how to parallel park, back in and pull over, very patient and knowledgeable teacher and I am thankful


Zeeshan Sir is a great teacher. Very patient and knowledgeable. Would recommend him for anyone seeking their G license.

Zaib Shadani

I took some lessons with mr zee I learned parallel parking, how to pull over, three point turns as well as many different techniques. Now I am very comfortable driving and today I passed my G2 road test in first attempt. I strongly reccomend this driving school.


I learned to drive easily and safely in a short amount of time. Instructor is really nice.

Justin Ramos

I took few lessons from Zee and I learned different tactics. I was not confident with my driving skills but I’m confident with my ability to drive. Today I passed my g2, I recommended Radiant drive

Zahra Gohari

I took a couple lessons from mr Z and am now able to drive safely and comfortably!

Aidan Clarke

Nice teaching in one hour, I successful passed!

Charlie Lee

Had a wonderful experience, took few lessons from Zeeshan Sir, I was panicking for the test but with his tips and tricks of driving I successfully cleared my test😊

Amrinder Malhi

Looking for a first-class driving?