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Our Defensive Driving Courses are suitable for all drivers who are interested in improving their driving skills and safe driving knowledge. Presented in a relaxed, friendly, and supportive environment by our qualified and experienced instructors. Our Defensive Driving Course has evolved with a balanced mixture of theory and practical driving exercises. It may also help you and your team stay safe on the road. Learn to be a safer driver. We guarantee that regardless of your level of driving experience, you'll be amazed at what you'll learn on our Defensive Driving Course, and what a great time you'll have to learn it with us!



We provide advanced collision/ accident prevention training driving courses to improve your driving ability on roads. We have an accident/collision prevention training course to train drivers who want to be safe on the roads. Our instructors have a proven track record of severe accident avoidance. Beginner Driver Education course is highly recommended to keep the youth safe on the roads. Accident prevention training exposes drivers to the complexity of driving with challenges and distractions that a new driver may experience. Once they are licensed to drive on their own, only safe driving habits are guaranteed for their safety



Radiant Driving School is a Ministry of Transportation(MTO)-approved driving school. It is important that as a beginner driver, you choose a Ministry of Transportation(MTO) approved driving school. We are here to help with a beginners licensing program that will teach you to drive safely. A beginner driver education program can teach you the skills and attitudes you need to be a safe and responsible driver. We offer MTO-approved beginners driving education (BDE) courses. BDE courses are for new drivers and focus on all aspects of driving – from road signs to emergency stop maneuvers. Check the BDE courses offered and call us if you have any questions.



We are the accredited affordable driving instructors providing you with a safe, easy, and cost-effective way to learn. Our affordable driving lessons are designed to ensure you get the most out of each lesson. We take great pride in preparing students for a lifetime of safe driving, as well as passing the driving test first go. We pay close attention to each of our students and make sure a safe and stress-free environment. We provide excellent value for money, not because we are the cheapest but because you learn the most. When comparing prices, look at what you get for your money.



Our philosophy to Safe Driving is to ensure your safety at all times, not just when operating the vehicle. By this, I mean defensive driving techniques and personal safety training. Our course is to raise awareness of all potential dangers whilst entering, leaving, and operating a vehicle, the old philosophy behind defensive driving was skid control and knowing how to control the vehicle in all conditions. The safer driving training course will provide drivers with an increased understanding of the risks associated with driving and personal safety. Drivers can use their vehicle during the practical components of this course (must be registered and subject to basic safety checks).



Radiant Driving School driving refresher course will help you become a safer and more confident driver. All Refresher Courses are designed on an individual basis after assessment by a professional instructor. Re-learning safe driving principles reduces the risk to yourself and your passengers and automatically to other road users. It's a quick, easy, useful way to update your driving skills and get impartial advice from a professional driving instructor. With this course, we look after the anxious or nervous, people who have not driven for a long time, or international drivers who need to become accustomed to driving on the left, anyone in fact who knows that we all need a little help sometimes.

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