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Top Tips For Driving Alone For The First Time

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Top Tips For Driving Alone For The First Time

In this article, we'll provide you our best advice to get you started when driving on your own, as well as some things to avoid to keep you and others safe on the road.

Driving with an instructor vs Driving alone

It would probably feel extremely strange to not have your instructor next to you in the car after you have passed your driving test after taking so many driving lessons with them.

It will feel considerably different to drive alone for the first time. When you are driving, you will be in control of your vehicle and all decisions.

Take a few long breaths to settle yourself before you set off. To prevent stress or anxiety, provide additional time for your trip and make sure you have reviewed your route in advance. Finally, have confidence in your driving skills and yourself. You passed your test, and you are capable of driving. Each journey you take will help you gain more confidence.

Our top tips to get you started (The Do’s and The Don’ts)

Here are our tips when your first start driving alone:

Check the state of the car – including the tyres and side mirrors.

Examine the front and rear tyres of your car as you walk around it. If so, make sure to stop at a petrol station to check them and inflate if necessary.

Sit in your car and adjust your seat, making sure that you can easily reach the pedals and steering wheel. Can you easily see out of your side mirrors and rear view mirror? If not, modify them to the best of your ability.

Be relaxed and at ease.

Wait until you are at ease and confident before beginning your journey, and wear comfortable flat shoes. To prevent distractions, it's a good idea to turn off the radio at first.

Non-peak times

To practice your first few solo journeys, choose non-peak hours. You won't feel rushed while you drive because there will be less traffic. Rush hour traffic may be stressful.

Take a lot of short drives

Start out by traveling only short distances in familiar locations. By doing this, you won't only gain confidence but you also won’t get lost and end up in an unfamiliar area.

The Don’ts

Don’t bring your friends along
Don’t use the highways yet
Don’t use your phone

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